Message from One More Generation

Hey everyone, this is Olivia and Carter and we are the founders of our non-profit called One More Generation (OMG) which we created back in 2009 in an effort to help save endangered species and clean up our environment for at least One More Generation... and beyond.  We believe that education is the key to solving all the problems of the world.  If people were taught at an early age to care for all species on this planet and our environment, we would not have so many species on the brink of extinction.

Since starting OMG, it has been our goal to share information about the plight of many endangered species and about what we are doing to protect wildlife and the environment.  Our hopes are that by educating the masses, we will increase the number of people who care and together we will find solutions.  We ask everyone to please consider supporting  the United Nations World Wildlife Day and get involved in increasing awareness about the plight of wild animals and plants all around the world.

We have created lots of resources on our website and there are lots of our partners around the world who are doing amazing work but we all need your help.  Please make it part of your daily routine to spend 30-minutes learning about what is happening to animals around the world and see what the experts are saying are viable solutions.  Then get involved in any way you can and don't forget to share what you have learned to at least one person and ask them to do the same.  Together we can be the drivers of change through education and a resound commitment to be the solution.

Thank you and remember "Anybody can make a difference... if we can, you can too".