Message from Albert Lotana Lokasola, Founder & President of Vie Sauvage

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would first like to remind you that the world is currently going through a biodiversity crisis but also the aggravation of poverty in our traditional environments.

As you know, nature, our lands and our forests have always been the answer to our problems of existence and survival. But the question that we can now ask ourselves is what we are doing to ensure that this nature conservation offers our communities opportunities for employment and sustainable economic growth.

As far as we are concerned, we at Vie Sauvage, in the Bonobo Kokolopori Nature Reserve and in the corridor that surrounds it and which we call 'La Foret de Paix de Bonobo' (the Bonobo Peace Forest), we have managed to attract the attention of the international community to help us with conservation and sustainable development programs.

So, we have in Kokolopori a scientific mission from Harvard University which is studying the behavior of bonobos, which employs people, pays wages and buys from the community, thus creating a monetary economy in an environment as far removed as ours.

By protecting the bonobo and its ecosystem, we have succeeded in creating two technical colleges, the Higher Institute of Rural Development of Djolu and the Higher Institute of Medical Techniques of Djolu, the two colleges that work with us in public health programs and community development.

These are examples that show that by conserving biodiversity and ecosystems, we can succeed in providing our communities with opportunities to improve their living conditions.

On this day we invite you to reflect, not only to reflect but also to share your experiences so that the world will know how we can bring opportunities for jobs and economic growth in our communities, through conservation.

Thank you very much.

Watch Mr. Lokasola's video message here.