Message from Kent Nnadozie, Secretary of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Today marks World Wildlife Day, a day we celebrate the rich diversity of life on our planet and are reminded that it is our universal duty to take care of mother earth.

Unfortunately, too much biological diversity has been lost in our lifetime, but it is not yet too late. We must act now to conserve what we have left of the wondrous biological diversity and sustain all life on earth.

We must develop stronger actions to preserve the biodiversity of our ecosystems, the species of animals and plants they contain and their genetic diversity.

In the face of biodiversity loss, countries must adopt approaches to development that are less damaging and in harmony with wildlife and natural ecosystems. We all have to work together to avoid the adverse effects of different sectors, use resources in a sustainable manner and maximize the synergies.

Only through coordinated efforts, actions and investments can we protect wildlife and achieve the sustainable development goal of zero hunger. The future development of agriculture and food systems also depends on wild diversity to face the challenges ahead of us.

We join you to mark World Wildlife Day, a day when we should all stop and think of the rich biodiversity that mother earth has provided us, and pledge to do whatever we can to sustain all life on earth.

2020 provides a particularly opportune year to take action. This year is the “Super Year for Biodiversity,” a year when all of us pledge to conserve the biodiversity on our planet, of which we are part. For its part, the International Treaty will continue to work around the world to save and to share the seeds of the plants that feed us all.