Ivonne Higuero

CITES Secretary-General

CITES s-g smiling in front of lush tree

This year, World Wildlife Day invites us all on a journey to explore technological innovation dedicated to the conservation of our planet’s magnificent animals and plants.


Digital innovation is transforming the way we safeguard our invaluable biodiversity. Groundbreaking apps now enable us to tell different tiger species apart in seconds. Drones are helping us roam large areas to locate sea turtle nesting sites. Advanced tracking systems, real-time data analytics, and artificial intelligence-driven solutions are empowering conservationists across the globe with unprecedented tools to help identify, monitor, track and ultimately preserve wildlife. 


However, as we leverage our growing technological capacities, we must also revitalize our commitments to sustainable development. This includes preventing destructive ecological impacts, mitigating threats to species and livelihoods arising from the misuse of technology, and ensuring digital inclusion for all by 2030.  


We find ourselves navigating an evolving landscape of digital connectivity in wildlife conservation. Now is our chance to harness the benefits that emerging technologies bring, both to the natural world and to humanity. Now is the time to build the sustainable future where planet and all people flourish. 


One decade ago, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 3rd as World Wildlife Day. This day is aligned with the signature of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) on 3 March 1973. For CITES, digital innovation and collaboration go hand-in-hand. In our work to ensure international trade in wildlife is legal, traceable and sustainable, Connecting People and Planet involves strengthening our connections to nature with the help of technology and doing so together


This World Wildlife Day, we will explore the diverse digital tools that enhance the conservation of our precious wild animals and plants. We want to hear from innovators of all ages and in all parts of the world who are working together to make a difference in their communities and ecosystems. We hope you join us in sharing your own digital conservation stories and illustrating the type of future you envisage for nature and for us...because as we venture further into this digital era, the survival of wildlife species depends on all of us. 


Happy World Wildlife Day! 

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