The designer - Xavi Reñé


As a child I grew up in a village in the middle of the forest, and perhaps thanks to this, I always felt a big connection with nature and animals. 
I've dedicated a big part of my work as a Wildlife illustrator, especially of Endangered Species,  collaborating with various NGOs working towards their conservation. Because I am firmly convinced that if each one of us does their part, we will be able to change the course of things.
The next 3rd of March 2023 will be World Wildlife Day, but it will also be CITES’ 50th birthday! So I thought of presenting a very special design, with bright and cheerful colors, where each and every one of the elements represented would shine with its beauty.
I imagined some of the animals and plants that are part of the three CITES appendices, all of them unique and wonderful, surrounding the number 50. The choice was based on how they would fit together nicely, looking for a balance of both colors and the places in the world where each one belongs, so that there would be a global and beautiful representation of our wildlife. And a representation of the human diversity that unites us to be able to move forward and overcome these times of climate crisis, in partnerships for wildlife. Children especially, as a clear reference to our future and as respectful beings on Earth.

From the first submission to the contest to this final work, there have been many hours of working together with Jennifer Vionnet and all her wonderful team at the CITES Secretariat, whom I want to thank for all their support and for believing in my work. Thank you very much for letting me be part of this awesome event, it is a great honor.

The design


The species represented

[common name, scientific name (CITES Appendix)]

Canary spurge, Euphorbia longifolia (II)
Colombian night monkey, Aotus lemurinus (II)
Fennec fox, Vulpes zerda (II)
Foxtail orchid, Rhynchostylis gigantea (II)
Giant manta ray, Manta birostris (II)
Green tree python, Morelia viridis (II)
Humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae (I)
Magnolia, Magnolia liliifera var.obovata (III)
Ruby-throated hummingbird, Archilochus colubris (II)
Saffron toucanet, Baillonius bailloni (III)
Satanas beetle, Dynastes satanas (II)
Southern tailed birdwing, Ornithoptera meridionalis (II)
Tiger, Panthera tigris (I)


Two people on a fishing boat –  depicts the close relationship between wildlife and livelihoods.
Kids – this celebrates the many young people involved in and caring about the natural world and its conservation.
Ranger – for their central and indispensable role in the conservation of wildlife, combatting wildlife crime as well as mitigating human-wildlife conflicts.

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