Messages for World Wildlife Day

António Guterres

United Nations Secretary-General
UNSG António Guterres

Human activities have devastated our wildlife. Human ingenuity can help to save it. Pollution, climate chaos, habitat loss, and exploitation of nature, have pushed a million plant and animal species to the brink of extinction. This is horrifying in...

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Ivonne Higuero

CITES Secretary-General
CITES s-g smiling in front of lush tree

This year, World Wildlife Day invites us all on a journey to explore technological innovation dedicated to the conservation of our planet’s magnificent animals and plants.


Digital innovation is transforming the way we safeguard our invaluable...

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Musonda Mumba

Ramsar Convention Secretary-General
Ramsar SG Musonda Mumba

Wetlands of International Importance “Ramsar sites” are internationally recognized wetlands that meet one of nine "internationally defined" criteria. They cover an estimated area of 257,183,374 hectares and represent the largest network of officially...

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David Cooper

CBD Acting Executive Secretary
CBD_AES_David Cooper

This World Wildlife Day, we're focusing on digital innovation for wildlife conservation. More than ever, we are living in a digital world, and we must seize opportunities to make use of digital technologies and services to support wildlife...

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Sheam Satkuru

ITTO Executive Director

The World Wildlife Day provides the perfect opportunity for the International Tropical Timber Organization to reiterate our support for CITES’ focus on the improved management and conservation of threatened tropical tree species. 

ITTO and CITES have...

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Rebeca Grynspan

UNCTAD Secretary-General
UNCTAD S-G Rebeca Grynspan

Our planet's wildlife, the dazzling array of species that inhabit the earth alongside us, are not merely companions in our journey through time; they are the bedrock of the ecosystems that sustain life as we know it. 

Yet, we find ourselves at a...

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Monique Eloit

WOAH Director General
WOAH DG Monique Eloit

“Innovative technologies for pathogen surveillance and detection”

In the last 20 years, the world has witnessed major technological innovations and the amount and speed of circulating information and knowledge have reached unprecedented levels...

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Doreen Bogdan-Martin

ITU Secretary-General
ITU Secretary-General Bogdan-Martin

This World Wildlife Day, we are putting the spotlight on the power of digital innovation to forge a stronger connection between people and planet… especially when it comes to wildlife conservation. 

Although we’re faced with the uphill battle of...

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Grethel Aguilar

IUCN Director General
IUCN Director General Grethel Aguilar

Since the digital age began, technology has transformed nature conservation. 

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data are just some of the many ways that we can identify and safeguard key habitats, make strategic decisions, and...

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QU Dongyu

FAO Director-General
FAO Director General

This year’s theme of World Wildlife Day “Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation” emphasizes the need to harness and optimize evolving digital technologies to safeguard our planet's biodiversity.

As we...

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Martha Rojas Urrego

IWC Executive Secretary

I am delighted to support World Wildlife Day on behalf of the International Whaling Commission. The theme of digital innovation in wildlife conservation is extremely relevant to our work.

Many whale species are found in remote regions where extreme...

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Jürgen Stock

INTERPOL Secretary General
INTERPOL S-G, Jurgen Stock

We are seeing an ever-increasing overlap between the real and virtual worlds, making this year’s World Wildlife Day theme more appropriate than ever.

The theme, ‘Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation’, is...

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Ian Saunders

WCO Secretary General
WCO Secretary General, Ian Saunders

Greetings from the World Customs Organization as you celebrate World Wildlife Day 2024.

As in previous years on 3 March, the United Nations calls for a profound shift in our approach to the use of natural resources and our interactions with the...

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Axel van Trotsenburg

World Bank Senior Managing Director
Axel van Trotsenburg, World Bank Senior Managing Director

At the World Bank, we’re on a mission to end poverty on a livable planet. And we cannot accomplish this mission without nature. Nature is the wealth of poor communities. For instance: about half a billion people depend on fisheries for their...

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Geoff Daniels

Jackson Wild Executive Director
jackson wild executive director Geoff Daniels

Hello, I'm Geoff Daniels, Executive Director of Jackson Wild.

For over 30 years, Jackson Wild has been at the forefront of wildlife filmmaking and conservation, uniting thought leaders, filmmakers, scientists, and policymakers from across the globe. 


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Azzedine Downes

IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) CEO and President

Hi everyone, this is Azzedine Downes, I’m the CEO and President of IFAW --- International Fund for Animal Welfare. 

And I’m really thrilled to be part of this incredible experience of connecting art and wildlife conservation once again for the 2024...

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Pol. Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, the Kingdom of Thailand
Pol. Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan

Under the theme of “Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation,” we are commemorating the beauty and wonder of nature on this remarkable planet, utilizing state-of-the-art technological innovations to...

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